Drive to Victory

This week, we're participating in Goodwill's Drive to Victory! We are competing against Kettering to see which school can collect the most donations before Friday night's game. The winning school gets a $200 donation to their band program, and the school that collects the most over the season receives an additional $1000 donation for their band!
You can make donations directly to the person at the Goodwill trailer here at Beavercreek High School any time between 8am and 7pm Tuesday through Thursday, or 8am to 12pm on Friday. Goodwill accepts a large variety of goods, including old clothes, jewelry, books, games, toys, housewares, cars, and more (a complete list can be found at this link Just like a normal Goodwill donation, you will receive a receipt if you want to deduct your donation from your taxes.
Donate early and often if you can!